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About Us

Codix is a proudly South African web development company with its registered office in Pretoria. We assist companies and start-ups to develop websites and to turn your business needs into code. Our services include the following:

  • Website development
  • Portal and visitor dashboard function development
  • Online shopping cart development
  • eCommerce website development

We have more than 10 years experience in both back-end as well as front-end systems and developments. We code on a blank canvas and do not use pre-determined templates.

  • Mobile application development
  • API integrations and API development
  • Custom development solutions for your specific business needs
  • Database management

Why Codix?

Codix do not make use of pre-determined templates and specific CMS frameworks, we have the knowledge and know-how to turn your business needs into web code, from a blank canvas. We can create user and customer as well as admin management (backend) portals, dashboards and eCommerce websites and customize it to your specific business needs. We can also assist to setup a website from start to finish and everything in between, including the hosting of a website.


We offer full stack web development solutions

Our full stack web developers have skills in coding languages relevant to create beautiful and functional websites as well as interactive portals. We make use of the PHP coding language and have skills in the following:

HTML 100%
CSS 100%
JavaScript 100%
MySQL and MSSQL 100%


We can turn your business needs into digital solutions. During our first consultation we will determine your needs on a high level, we then prepare a proposal for your acceptance whereafter a detailed scope is documented for your approval. We projectise each development and give you regular feedback on the progress from start to finish. Listed below are some of the popular services we provide, but contact us should you require any other development services not listed here.


We develop custom websites, including eCommerce and shopping chart websites. We can help with a basic website to a more integrated and more interactive website.

Application programming interface (API)

Need to integrate your existing website with an API or plugin but don't know how to? We can help. We can also develop API's and create relevant documentation for your API.

Interactive Portals

We can assist to develop interactive portals, from customer portals to backend admin portals. Call us to get more details.

Mobile Applications

We can develop basic mobile applications on both Google Playstore and Apple AppStore. Contact us for more info.

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